Teen & Parent Mediation

Mother and Teen

Teen and Parent Mediation  (TPM) allows the teen and his/her parent(s) to discuss issues with two trained,  neutral mediators . Topics of discussion  can be anything the family deems necessary and often covers topics like school,  curfew, friends and chores.

Referrals also come from Juvenile Court  and the Department of Children Services for teens who may be having issues with truancy, family dynamics and may have even escalated to the level of  the teen being a runaway.

The Anderson County School System may make referral particularly in the area of truancy in an effort to allow CMS to help the family act proactively to prevent Juvenile Court involvement.

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TPM is all about helping families come up with their own solutions  to the issues. Studies show that people who come up with their own solutions are more likely to follow through with their plan.