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  2. I have been referred to VORP by my probation officer what happens now? If you did not meet with a CMS staff person when you met with your probation officer  please call our office and we will discuss your case. 865-463-6888.  If you met with  the CMS staff person,  the next step will be your case is assigned to a mediator who will call you and set up a pre-meeting.
  3. What will happen in a pre-meeting? You and a parent (s)  if you are a minor, will meet with the mediator who will talk about your case and explain how the mediation process works .  The victim will also meet with the mediator for a pre-meeting but you will not be together at this point. is a good time to ask question and  will take about an hour. If the victim is a minor, they must also have a parent present.
  4. Who will be at the mediations? The teen ( offender) , a mediator and the victim. A parent must be present if either  victim or offender is a minor.
  5. Where will the mediation take place? Mediations can take place in many location around the county, The mediator will make every effort to make it convenient for the parties involved. We have space donated by hotels, church, community center and libraries.
  6. How long does mediation last? The whole VORP mediation will last about 1.5 hours.Will the victim be allowed to yell at me? NO! The mediation is not a time for yelling. The victim is allowed to ask questions  but the mediator will not allow disrespect to any participant.
  7. What if it is decided in mediation the offender owes the victim money? If both parties agree to compensation, the offender may pay CMS  who will in turn pay the victim, Payment must be made in cash or money order. The case will NOT be closed with the court until the total amount has been paid.