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  August 2017

We will start  training with Basic Mediation  which teaches conflict resolution techniques and helps student develop listening skills. We conduct this training through classwork , as well as role playing. You must attend all classes.

There is no charge for training.

An interview and an application  with references  and background check must be completed in advance of training.

Basic training is the first component of all four programs. After completion,  student may then choose program specific training which they are most interested in. 

Upon completing program specific training, students participate in an apprenticeship with a experienced mediators for several mediations until both the student and the CMS staff feel comfortable with their skills.

Student are asked to commit to mediating for CMS for at least one year with a minimum of 4 mediations.

Classes Starting in August 2017, we  will have BASIC and Attendance Mediation Training. This session of trainings will take place during the day. Learn more about Attendance Mediation Here

Attendance Mediations only  last about one hour and all Attendance Mediations take place during the school day between 9AM -3PM. You must be available during the day to volunteer in this program.

Our other programs  mediate after work hours . Additional program trainings will be coming up in early winter.

Call 865-463-6888 to register or email us at  Daytime class size is limited so please contact as ASAP.

photo by Jay Kleeman