Visitation Mediation


                 Making a difference one child at a time

Visitation mediation is a powerful method for assisting never-married, post-divorce parents, or relative caregivers in establishing or revising a parenting plan. At CMS, we firmly believe that those closest to the child possess the best understanding of their needs, making them the ideal architects of a plan that will work harmoniously for all parties involved. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of visitation mediation, the role of mediators as neutral facilitators, and the creation of a safe environment for constructive discussions.

1. Empowering Parents and Caregivers:
Visitation mediation provides parents or caregivers with the opportunity to actively participate in creating their own parenting plan. With the guidance of neutral mediators, parties can engage in open and respectful dialogue, drawing upon their intimate knowledge of the child to craft a plan that addresses their unique needs and circumstances. This collaborative approach promotes ownership and commitment to the resulting agreement.

2. Neutral Facilitators:
Mediators serve as neutral facilitators during the visitation mediation process. Their role is to create a safe and supportive environment conducive to effective communication and problem-solving. With their training in conflict resolution and mediation techniques, mediators help parties navigate discussions, explore various options, and reach mutually satisfactory decisions. They do not impose their own opinions or biases but rather facilitate a balanced and fair process.

3. Referral and Approval:
Parents or caregivers are often directed to CMS by the Juvenile Judge or Child Support Court, recognizing the benefits of mediation in resolving visitation disputes. Once the parties reach an agreement and sign the parenting plan, it is submitted to the judge for review. If approved, the court will issue an order, making the agreement legally binding.

4. Creating a Safe Environment:
The primary objective of mediators is to create a safe environment where discussions can take place with respect. Parties are encouraged to share their perspectives and concerns while mediators ensure that all voices are heard and valued.

Visitation mediation empowers parents, post-divorce or never-married, and relative caregivers to actively participate in creating a parenting plan that suits their unique circumstances and serves the best interests of the child. With the support of neutral mediators, parties engage in constructive dialogue and reach their own decisions, fostering ownership and commitment to the resulting agreement. Through this collaborative approach, visitation mediation promotes healthier co-parenting relationships and establishes a foundation for a harmonious future for all involved.


There is a $35.00 administrative fee to be paid by all parties BEFORE the initial intake interview in the CMS office. If you are unable to pay the $35.00 you may talk to the CMS staff  in advance about the requirement you will need to meet to have the fee decreased. In person Fees must be paid by cash or money order ONLY . If you need to use a credit card you may pay below.

YOU MAY PAY  here with your credit or debit card now. The online fee is $36.00 per person. ($1.00 processing fee  is added)

EACH party must also complete an information sheet prior to the initial interview.

If you have question feel free to call our office 865-463-6888 or read frequently asked questions here